Wendy McLeod

Wendy McLeod Real Estate Agent
Wendy McLeod

Principal and Licensed Real Estate Agent 

02 4390 9800  (landlines, faxes)

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Wendy has worked locally longer than any other agent, with 14 years invested in the local area, her years of knowledge show with the passion and history she has for the area.

Wendy is a bubbly person who is passionate about everything she does. Her compassion towards her clients resonates from her genuine need to ensure her clients, especially her older clients, are well looked after from the moment she walks in the door, to the moment they move into their new premises.

A local herself for over 25 years, her love of the area is shown with every breath. You know her information is accurate and up-to-date, she will always give you an honest price. She always says she is there to get the best possible price for her clients- she isn't there to ‘flip houses’.

Make sure she is on your side, your home has taken many years to buy, you want to know you are getting every last dollar possible. Real Estate isn't a game, she always refers to the property as someone’s lifelong savings, and respects how hard it has been to achieve.

Like she says “It’s not just a house, it's your home, your life, possibly every dollar you own. We don't take this responsibility lightly.”